Designing Different Measurement System

Using resistive based sensors for measurement (the Ultrasonic is not a resistive based sensor), we need to know the resistance change due to temperature and convert it into a voltage change that we can easily measure. Therefore according to Ohms law, if we pass a current through to the resistor, a voltage drop will be produced across the resistor. The simplest way of doing this is to use the sensor as part of a potential divider circuit. If we want a better measurement system we can use the Wheatstone Bridge, one advantage Wheatstone Bridge limits the offset when measuring i.e. temperature reading start from zero. Click here to see details of the Agribot.

All the Different Sensors Used

Temperature Measurement Systems

Height Measurement Systems

The second list of sensor we can use to calculate level/height, Volume, and weight. Note that the Load Cell sensor has a weight limit and also the 24PC Honeywell Pressure Sensor.

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